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Lifetime Movie Star
Member Since: May, 2012
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alice830 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (SE). She is level 101 (Lifetime Movie Star) and is 2nd on the SE server's highscores board.


Alice830 is best known for her short movies, with over 700 made. Nowadays, most of her fame is made from them and her pets. When she is online, she likes to make looks and chat with her friends.

Her movies often end up on the top page with thousands of views. She also enters competitions and can often be seen on the login screen.

Usual Appearance and Style

Alice830 has royal blue "Pretty Perfect" eyes, hot pink "Cherry Gloss" lips, a regular nose and fair skin. Her outfits are quite girly, and are often in the same color. Her hair is always blonde, and she often wears an "Upbeat Waves" hairstyle.

Artbooks and Movies


Alice830 rarely makes artbooks nowadays, but the ones she makes are usually competitions, movie teasers, or to spread important messages. Her artbooks are often colorful, and full of text. Her artbooks usually get around 1,000 likes.


Alice830 regularly makes short movies. Her short movies are usually her and her friends walking around, and posing in the end. Her short movies get thousands of views, and all earn her tens of thousands of starcoins.


  • She was the second person on the Swedish server to reach level 101.
  • Her online partner was Brynäsforever, and they were dating for a very long time, however they have since broken up.
  • She has bought more than 8 years of VIP.