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Alexis moi
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alexis moi is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (SE). She is level 19 (Ace Movie Star).


alexis moi, or Freya, is best known for her artbooks. She has gained a little recognition from her YouTube videos, "Playing Turkish MSP" is the most known with it's 154 views. She's gained most of her fame from awards and also her movies. Her most watched movie was "KF" which is now deleted. It had around 400 views. When she's online, she usually gives gifts, loves artboks and watches movies. She doesn't make a lot of movies anymore, but if she makes some, they usually get about 20 - 50 views. Her most loved artbook, "Oops..." has 8 loves. When she was VIP, she used to give away special greetings when she was online.

Usual Appearance and Style

alexis moi has dark cyan Pretty Perfect eyes, dark red Perfect Pout lips, and a medium tan skin tone. She has a "tomboy" but "glamorous" style. She wears mainly black and white with other darker colors. Her hair is always black or an ashy blonde. She doesn't like wearing too much accessories, but she usually does wear a watch and "Winter Cheeks" The colors of her clothes usually doesn't fit with each others to make it look more "chill". Her looks get about 5 - 10 loves.


  • Her real name is Freja but she prefers to be called Freya.
  • She has been playing MSP since she made her account "alexis moi" in 2015.
  • She has a YouTube channel under the username "Frxya".
  • Her new account is called ">Toxic<"
  • Other accounts she owns are: "Lemøns", "Unicorn Devil", "xXNightMimeXx", "marjasssssssssss" and ">ChickenNugget<"
  • She is on the UK and USA MSP under the name "marjasssssssssss"
  • She is on this wiki under the username Frxya.
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