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Epic Movie Star
Member Since: December, 2011

Alexh33 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (SE). She is level 94 (Epic Movie Star), and is currently in the 3rd spot on the SE server's highscores board.


Alexh33 is well-known for her short movies and artbooks. Her short movies take up the majority of the first few pages of the server's overall highscores board, and her most viewed has over 120,000 views and possesses the top spot. The majority of her fame has come from her movies, artbooks, autographs, and awards. When she's online, she creates movies, artbooks, and looks, and shops.
In addition to short movies, Alexh33 makes a variety of colorful artbooks that generally are dedicated to friends or spread a message of some kind. Each one gets thousands of loves, and her most loved has over 5,000.

Usual Appearance and Style

Alexh33 has lime green sweet stuff eyes with black eyeshadow, pastel pink perfect pout lips, fair skin, and a regular nose. Her style is mainly girly, but she does dress tomboy occasionally. She is almost always seen wearing light brown hairstyles and pink, white, or black outfits. Her looks typically get a couple hundred loves, but she does have two looks on the fifth page with over 3,000 loves.


  • Alexh used to be the 1st player on the highscore board until some time in the end of 2018 when she got passed by Zoe61
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