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Incredible Movie Star
Member Since: August, 2013

alexa3103 is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (UK). She is Level 85 (Incredible Movie Star), and is in the 15th spot on the UK highscores board and currently on the third page on the UK server.


alexa3103 became known through her many daily short movies. She did release movie series including "Abducted" and "Abandoned", which both received 100s of views on the UK Server. alexa3103 has been playing on the UK Server since joining in August 2013, and became a highscorer in mid-late 2015. At the end of 2015, she was Level 48 (Guru Movie Star). She rose due to pet fame also and is known to be a helpful, friendly person on the server.

alexa3103 has a YouTube channel called "alexa3103 MSP". She has organised many giveaways and competitions in the past through her artbooks. One of the most popular were her Drip Top/Cap giveaway, which received 5000+ loves altogether.

Usual Appearance and Style

alexa3103 has "pretty perfect" grey eyes, "perfect pout" dark pink lips, white eyeshadow and a light tan skin tone. However, her style often changes and has done throughout the years, but she is most remembered for her light orange lips and blue eyes. She is seen to wear super chic and cute outfits. While on the odd occasion she is known for her O.T.T outfits, alexa3103 likes to her keep her outfits minimalistic and simple. She does abide by Themed Outfits usually, but there has been times where she has rebelled against the lack of choice in clothing available. Her outfits are usually matchy matchy and are usually really 'girly' outfits.


  • alexa3103 joined the UK Server in August of 2013.
  • She has a YouTube channel which can be found here
  • Some moviestars, including those above her, were quick to accuse her of cheating fame due to the 'suspicious' amount she was earning from pet fame. MSP were quick to put an end to accusations.
  • Around late 2016, particularly in November, alexa3103 was in her Level 60s and was a few places from page 1. This was until moviestars like Lucky Lily and pandypolo made comebacks to MSP
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