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Super Cool Movie Star
Member Since: June, 2014

Alba9999 is a regular user on MyStarPlanet (ES). She is level 41 (Super Cool Movie Star), and on the 11th spot of the ES server highscores board.


Alba9999 became known through and is best known for short movies, her most viewed having over 300 views. She's earned most of her fame through her short movies and greetings. She has been inactive since 2016, but when she did play, she made short movies and looks and shopped. She currently has no artbooks.

Usual Appearance and Style

Alba9999 has bright blue eyes, cherry red lips, a round nose, and fair skin. Her style was a mixture of punk and feminine. Her typical outfit consisted of white hair, earrings, a heart face tattoo, and a white, red, or pink outfit. Her looks usually got loves in the single digits, but her most loved has 15 loves.


  • She is 15 years old.
  • She is a vegan.
  • In her free time, she mostly plays MSP.
  • She is on the 2nd place in the (DK) server.
  • Alba9999 has many users in her home server.
  • Her (DK) user is called Essens
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