Beautiful Movie Star
Member Since: April, 2015

Akakia was a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (UK). She was level 69 (Beautiful Movie Star).


Akakia was initially known for her previous account, "Alishak". On that account, she created a name for herself through making long movie series and befriending the high leveled movie star Roxy-1. However, for unknown reasons, the AlishaK account was locked out forever, and she returned on this account after a few months.

Akakia's gained most of her fame through her short movies and being featured in the movies of popular users. When she was online, she usually created short movies or looks that tended to appear on the weekly high scores. She also created artbooks to announce giveaways, address rumors and hate, or establish her opinion on how MSP could be improved.

She quit playing in the autumn of 2018, however she still logs on sometimes to create looks.

Usual Appearance and Style

Akakia had bright blue "Pretty Perfect" eyes, grey eyeshadow, a light tan skin tone, a rounded nose, and light pink "Perfect Pout" lips. Additionally, she almost always wears freckles with either a dark or pale blush, blonde hair, and "Stripeys". Her looks generally matched the current theme, and her style tended to be "girly" as she often wore pastels.


  • Her username is pronounced "A-kay-sha".
  • She gets the name "akakia" from the name "Acacia". She says she replaced the Cs with Ks because of her previous account, "AlishaK".
  • She shared a Youtube account with "roxy-1". However, Akakia never uploaded anything and Roxy owns the channel herself..
  • Her and Adept shared a team, Majestic's.
  • She knows Adept outside of MSP.
  • She has a blog that can be found here.
  • She reached level 68 and was in 4th place in the highscores on her "AlishaK" account.
  • Her backup was "Regression".
  • Akakia and Roxy have been best friends for at least two years.
  • She is Welsh.
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