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Abbey B.
Party Movie Star
Abbey B..png
Member Since: November, 2011

Abbey B. is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 31 (Party Movie Star).

About and History

Abbey B. is mostly known for her looks and artbooks, her most popular artbook is called "Iggy OR Nicki" with over 450 loves. Her artbooks are usually contests or giveaways and her movies are mainly short movies with movies for competitions on occasion. She leveled up through her supporters watching her movies and loving her artbooks, and collecting awards, with the help of fame booster.

Usual Appearance and Style

Abbey B. has peachy-pink "Cherry Gloss" lips, dark green "Pretty Perfect" eyes, a pointy nose, and tanned skin. She loves designing outfits and usually makes an outfit every few days to a week. Her style is a mixture of girly and tomboy and her looks are usually team related. She does not wear brighter, neon colors, but can be seen in a variety of other colors. Her hair color is usually light brown or black. She is almost never seen without a headpiece accessory of some kind.


  • Her real name is Kaylah.
  • She is a part of "Alex's Angels" and "Jersey Jewels".
  • She has been hacked before.
  • Although she joined in November 2011, she did not play often until January 2014.