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{{Template:Infobox Moviestar
|Gender = Female
|Level = 84
|Username = ANNIIA
|Server = PL
|Celeb = Celeb
|Voter = Judge
|Member Since = July, 2011
|Relationship =
|BFF1 = Mona Liza 1111
|BFF2 = Martusia11111
|BFF3 = }}
'''ANNIIA''' is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (PL). She is level 84 (Out There Movie Star), and is on the 3rd page on the PL highscores board.
== Usual Appearance and Style ==
ANNIIA has black eyes, a pointy nose, tanned skin, nude-colored lips, and black eyeshadow with a light tan at her eye corners. Her looks usually have matching colors and many accessories.

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