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Recommended Movie Star
Member Since: July, 2012
Glenn Claymore
D@t RolePl@yer Boy Doe

2zs is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is Level 27 (Recommended Movie Star).


2zs gained a majority of her initial recognition through being a supporter of the "9 Lives" team, her close friendship with "slimgirl", and being featured in the short movies of high scoring MovieStars, such as Packers212121 and "Izaiahh". She is currently known for being best friends with the backup account of "daisy..love14". With this acknowledgment, she forms her individuality through an array of movie series. Her first series, "Princess Academy", was the start of this; however, she didn't truly gain attention from her own series until she created "Garland Boulevard", her longest running series as of now. Her ArtBooks are mainly about or promoting her movies.

As of now, she is no longer a part of any team and focuses most of her time on MSP using the forums, roleplaying, and working on her movie series. She continues to gain most of her fame through being featured in friends' movies and views on her own movies.

Usual Appearance and Style

2zs has dark salmon "Cherry Gloss" lips, brown "Intense Beauty" eyes, tanned skin, and a pointy nose; her overall appearance and complexion changes sporadically. She mainly uses black hairstyles, which corresponds with her hair color in real life, but sometimes uses white and pink hairstyles. She tends to stick to a certain set or group of colors for a period of time and then changes them up. Her looks are occasionally based on the season and her overall style is sophisticated or casual. Sometimes, her looks are also character designs for movies and roleplays.

Movie Series

2zs is an avid creator of movie series, having 14 in total with some unfinished. Most of her series are generally romantic comedies, but can include a few other genres. Her most notable series are, "Princess Academy", "Garland Boulevard", "Pirates" and the sequel to it, "Pirates II".

Princess Academy was her first series. It ran in 1 minute episodes, and the story was based on teenager's high school experiences as princesses. Garland Boulevard revolved around a rock band of three girls in New York and their endeavors of fame, family, and friendship. Pirates followed the life of a graduate just getting out of his mother's house and onto the ship that he was meant to inherit, and Pirates II followed his second adventure as a space pirate with his wife and looting partner.


  • Her username represents the two z's used in her nickname, "Izzy".
  • Sometimes when she uses white hair, she is roleplaying as the character "Bianca Belle" from her series, "Set in Stone".
  • She has another account under the username "MSP History", which she uses on occasion to record the activities of the most popular MovieStars.
  • She is gender fluid.
  • Her MSP profile page has over 24,600 views.
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