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Jaunty Movie Star
Member Since: August 2013

2Bastar is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (AU). She is level 75 (Monster movie star) and on the second spot of the AU highscores board.


2Bastar, also known as Star, became known through her short movies and is well known for her club, "Team Star." She gained a lot of fame through auto's, movies she's made and starred in, looks, greetings and awards. She is known as a very sweet and funny person and always returns greetings, auto's, loves etc. She also plays on the Spanish server sometimes and has other accounts on different servers.

2Bastar user was created in August 2013, and she used to be at top of the Australian highscore board.

Appearance and Style

2Bastar wears "the girl next door" eyes and "cherry gloss" lips in a light colour. She has a slim nose, and also wears black eye shadow to match most of her looks. She mostly wears black or white, and has a range of very unique and stylish looks.


  • She's a fan of chocolate and enjoys subway.
  • She has a backup account under the username of "2Bastar (Backup)"
  • Her backup is currently in 6th place on the highscore board, which is currently level 61 ( Super Movie Star).
  • Her username is pronounced "To be a Star", however it is often mispronounced as "too-bah-star".
  • She has previously been locked in the past due to MSP mistaking her saying "f-u" but later realising she was speaking about kung fu.
  • Her most viewed movie she has made has 1235 views.
  • Her club, "Team Star" currently has 1128 members, making it have the 5th most members of any group on the AU sever.
  • She has had VIP for 5 years and 6 months in total.
  • Her profile currently has 221,714+ views