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- Sky -
Professional Movie Star
- Sky -.png
Member Since: October, 2014

- Sky - is a regular user on MyStarPlanet (ES). She is Level 15 (Professional Movie Star).


- Sky - levelled up through views on her movies and greetings, with the help of VIP bonuses. She continues to gain fame by watching short movies. When online, she forums, talks to friends, and shops.
- Sky - posts a short movie every time she logs on and receives 5-20 views per movie. She currently does not have any artbooks.

Usual Appearance and Style

- Sky - has dark brown eyes, a pointy nose, peachy-pink lips, and tanned skin. Her style is complex and uses a variety of colors. She usually wears blonde hair with many head accessories.


  • Her real name is Sky.
  • Her favourite foods are Chinese and Indian.
  • Pugs are her favourite animal.
  • Her birthday is November 15th.
  • She joined the Spanish server after being told about it from a close friend.
  • Her lucky number is 6.
  • She has an account on the UK server under the username "Sky93".