Lifetime Movie Star
Member Since: January, 2012

*kristle* was a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (UK). She is level 101 (Lifetime Movie Star), and is in the 3rd spot on the UK server's highscores board.


*kristle* is best known for her looks. They generally get between 300-800 loves, and she has won 10 different weekly look competitions. She initially gained most of her fame through starring in friends' movies, but now she gains fame through her own movies, artbooks, and looks. When she's online, she makes looks, movies, and artbooks, answers messages, returns autographs, shops, and watches movies.
Her movies are mainly short movies and comedies, but she does occasionally make other genres, such as thrillers. Her artbooks are mostly competitions for a variety of things, such as rares, wishlist gifts, and shopping with her. Her most loved artbook is "Help Bob :o" with over 5,200 loves. However, *kristle* is now inactive, after a user came out about her actually being 22, transphobic and a pedophile. goldn, nexty, her other best friend, all unfriended her. hollyrenee is inactive, and has not removed her, and people have attacked her for it even though she's inactive.

Usual Appearance and Style

*kristle* has dark blue eyes, a freckled nose, light pink lips, and a tan skin tone. Her style is mainly girly and classy. She often wears many different colours. She generally wears blonde hairstyles. She almost always dresses to match the weekly theme, but sometimes twins with her now ex best friends.


  • She is a fitness addict.
  • She loves horses with a passion.
  • Her favorite food is strawberries.
  • Her real name is Lilly.
  • In addition to winning ten look competitions, she has won two movie competitions, one artbook competition, and two room competitions.
  • The first competition she ever won was the "Pet Birthday" competition with her look "Dr Doolittle."
  • Her other accounts are !!!kristle!!! and ! kristle !, which are now all inactive.
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