This user is one of the many people on US moviestarplanet with a Cyrillic alphabet username. дя is a regular moviestarplanet rare trader who often comes online just to rare trade. She has a main account which is Level 30 the username being SaphireTreasures.

Backstory :

She started rare trading in 2014 with the username 'chachacool56789' which is currently deleted. She claims that she owned a level 50 account in August 2015 and that it was hacked and deleted. She has a bad history of scamming in 2016 and 2017.

Present :

She is now an 11 year old girl in Year 6 who goes on moviestarplanet atleast 14 hours a day. She rare trades mostly and is often founded on the moviestarplanet forums making not really necessary opinions.

Future plans :

She plans to become a mega pro active rare trader that is level 50, that she 'once was' and is planning to raid everyone who ever scammed her's guestbook. She may be one hell of a good trader in 2021 so hmu.

And also all along, I was дя! Hmu if you want to be friends, I accept anyone!

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