Famous Movie Star
Member Since: June, 2013
$$Glitter$$ is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She is level 22 (Famous Movie Star).


$$Glitter$$, also known as Glitter, is mostly known for her presence on forums, her YouTube channel, and her colorful outfits. She started getting fame through autographs and greets from her YouTube supporters, named "Lovies". She is now on less than twice a month, but when she was active, she usually shopped, made movies, rare traded with friends, made forums, and gave autographs.
Glitter used to make many movie series but has since deleted them, her only remaining series being "Ghostly Girls". Other movies she makes include movies for special occasions and movies for explaining glitches.
Glitter also makes artbooks often, and they are mainly about her rares. Her most noticed artbook is "CLICK TO WIN!" with over 4,000 loves, which resulted in her gaining recognition and leveling up fairly quickly.

Usual Appearance And Style

Glitter has tan skin, plum "Perfect Pout" lips and blue "Pretty Perfect" eyes, along with a freckled nose. Her style is very feminine, but she doesn't consider it "girly". She normally wears very colorful outfits, and loves neon colors. Glitter likes to make her own outfits, but does buy moviestars on the top charts looks as well. She wears lots of pink and purple outfits and usually always wears a rare tattoo. Her previous looks mostly consist of hats and mismatched clothing items, but Glitter now makes looks that match.


  • She used to be Team Pump but left because Pump deleted her for not buying her looks for a week.
  • She has over 400 people on her friends list.
  • She started in June 2013, with accounts called "BabyBubbleGumz" and "ClubVisa", but didn't make $$Glitter$$ until 2 months later.
  • Her and Joanna.Pety were good friends before Joanna gained recognition and fame from Pumpchkin.
  • She rarely logs on but when she does, she gifts random friends rare items that she isn't using anymore
  • She used to be heavily known on forums in 2013-2014
  • She used to receive an average of 7 pages of gifts a day for her Mailtime series before she deleted her YouTube account
  • Her favorite color is red
  • She hates the colors purple and green
  • Her guestbook used to be filled daily by fans of her YouTube page
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