! Blossom !
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! Blossom !
Member Since: July, 2014
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! Blossom ! is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (CA). She is level 60 (Celebrity Movie Star).


Blossom started on the CA server in April 2014 under the username "XxSugarBlossomxX". On that account, she became known through her three-part movies series "Stolen" and later her friendship with "Janina101" (a high-scoring Moviestar at the time). She deleted her account in December 2014 after being irritated with players in the game, but returned in January 2015 on this account, which was previously her backup.

In addition to what she was previously known for, Blossom is now known for her various movies. Her most popular ones are her "fun fact" short movies; however, many of her 1 episode comedic movies are just as popular. Blossom also makes regular short movies and occasionally a movie to announce something. Her movies, along with autographs, awards, and features in other players' movies, make up for most of Blossom's fame.

Although created far less frequently, Blossom also makes artbooks. Her artbooks consist of her opinions or thoughts on different MSP-related subjects or events, messages to friends or other Moviestars, and rarely updates or things personal to her.

In March 2016, Blossom's account was banned due to false reports. Although she got her account back a week later, all content on her account made prior to then was deleted.

In December 2016, Blossom's account was banned again, this time because she chose to lock herself as she was unhappy with the state of the Canadian server (namely due to excessive arguments among highscorers). Her account was returned to her by MSP staff in January 2019.

Usual Appearance and Style

Blossom has a tan skin tone, laurel green "Pretty Perfect" eyes, brink pink "Perfect Pout" lips, a pointed nose, and always wears freckles with pink blush. Her style tends to be very girly, but occasionally she’ll make a more tomboy-like look. Her looks primarily consist of white, pink, orange, and red-colored items. She almost always wears retired bottoms and tattoos, and she sometimes uses other retired items such as accessories. Her looks normally match the current theme, but if she doesn’t like a theme, her looks will be random.


  • She started playing MSP in 2011 on the UK server. Her first account got locked and she (for the most part) quit her second due to drama. However, her history on the UK has no connection to her CA account.
  • She has a blog which can be seen here and a twitter account which can be seen here.
  • She lives in the UK.
  • She has a backup account under the username "Yexy".
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