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!00% Austiee is a regular user on MovieStarPlanet (US). He is level 97 (Golden Movie Star).

!00% Austiee
Golden Movie Star
!00% Austiee.png
Member Since: August, 2013
Lori 2222

He can be found on all servers with the same username. He is the 5th top male player on the US high scores.


!00% Austiee earns most of his fame by making short movies, going on fame boost to return autos and greet his supporters, and from people clicking his 10 pets every 8 hours. He had 15 pets for the longest until more people starting adding more pets which got him locked 3 times.

Usual Appearance and Style

!00% Austiee has pale green eyes, nude lips, with a white and sometimes black lip piercing. His style is casual. He usually wears, a rose tattoo, snake tattoo, 3 rare eyebrow piercings and his signature look is his rare eyes and skin. He wears a lot of sweatshirts and dark colors that he wears in real life. A lot of people tend to take his looks without giving credit because they feel inspired.


  • His real name is Alexander but is often referred to as "Alex"
  • His favorite game is "Chaos Faction" a popular action game created in 2007.
  • His favorite fast food places are Wendy's and Five Guys Burgers.
  • He has a youtube called "!00% Austiee msp".
  • He has been on msp since August of 2011.
  • He graduated in 2016 in the top 90% of his class.
  • He is currently 22 years old.
  • He has a twitter called @austieemsp
  • He got his username idea from 100%Random.